Sunday, December 6, 2020

Bathrooms and Elevators

     I've talked about my work bathroom on Instagram but quick recap - 1960's, doesn't get cleaned, trash often overflowing, toilet once flushed for hours, tar once bubbled from the drain. There are also a bunch of lockers for the lab techs so there's lots of traffic flow even by those not using the bathroom. Very little privacy. So when I was walking back from a frozen about a month ago and the secretaries told me that they made the boy's bathroom boy/girl and put a lock on the front door (there are two doors so even though I've worked there for years I've never even gotten an accidental glimpse inside) I volunteered to be the guinea pig and check it out.

    It blew my eyes out. 1990's decor,  no lockers, clean, two stalls and a urinal, updated way more than ours. Privacy. I used it once or twice then the third time there was pee all over the seats and that's what happens when you let the boys in so yuck I haven't been back. But I still rage at the inequity of it all.

    I also mentioned on Insta that they are starting to socially distance at the elevators in Med Towers 1 and only allow two on at a time. I was getting cash at the ATM nearby last week when the elevator door opened and a dozen people spilled out I reflexively turned my head and thought what. is. the. point. if you don't practice the same guidelines going down. But when I was up there later in the week (guaranteed all access private nice updated clean bathroom) I noticed some people had good sense and that made me happy.

    Not so much in Big Baptist. There are NO elevator rules there. My partner Hal said he was on his way to do a frozen  last week and thirty people were shoulder to shoulder waiting. Many had on those blue gowns you wear to go into infected people's rooms did I mention we have ninety Covid pos patients at Baptist the ICU is full they are creating spillover ICU's in pre-op and other plans are being made it's truly emergent at this point. Hal stood there wondering how to get through and put his arms out in a t shape to silently communicate PLEASE SOCIALLY DISTANCE and guess what everyone just laughed. He said it took all of his self-restraint to not verbally play teacher to a crowded pack of adult toddlers.

    I was on my way down the elevators in Med Towers last week bumped into Amy Wiedower she's a cute ob and when I just googled to get her name right Amy Winehouse came up she actually kind of reminds me of Amy Winehouse she's quite angular visually. Anyway we talk twice a year but she's always got a good story she said her daughter had a golf cart roll over on her a few days ago. I made her repeat that I misunderstood the first time bc mask. She was just off the phone with the guy that read the MRI he said she had a fracture in something maybe tibia I forget. The funny part is that she told her daughter she was fine and made her play in two basketball games since the event with a broken leg. I laughed and said, "Doctor's kids - they never get any sympathy right?"

    I had big plans to cook and shop but I've abandoned them bc Sunday shopping with Covid sounds scary and even though I slept until 3 pm yesterday I'm still needing more couch time I'm on call next week and the week of Christmas. With Covid and a partner down and people trying to meet their deductibles it's gonna be batshit crazy I need my rest we can do Bite Squad all week. Or soup. Jack's fancy Ramen came in he will be so excited when he gets here tonight he won't miss the cooking plans I never told him about. My friend passed peacefully on Saturday morning so sending lots of love to that family and planning gifts to drop off on the porch. Man that was fast, knowing how bad that looks under the scope I shouldn't have been surprised but I was. My partner is doing well. So that's good news. 

    Highly recommend the Euphoria Christmas special that guy needs an Oscar. Hope you all are having an equally lazy Sunday. Much love, E

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