Sunday, November 29, 2020

Lazy Sunday

     I've just been helping my daughter with college scholarship essays - she really doesn't need much help I just edit and discuss and give suggestions. She's been writing college level since early high school - one of her papers on human trafficking won best in the region at Model UN in tenth grade. She has so many accomplishments - Student Body President at Central and National Merit Semi-Finalist (I never got close to that) but I'm most proud that she has good core values. She wants to follow in her mom and dad's footsteps, despite the fact that I've told her on many times when supporting her through life that I don't care if she is a greeter at Wal-Mart as long as she is happy I am happy. Putting those essays together - meeting new prompts with old content - is like playing word Jenga. But you get used to it, it gets easier as you go along.

    Before that I was lazy as Hell been having a Sean Durkin fest after reading about him in the Atlantic this morning. I meant to watch Martha Marcy May Marlene when it came out nine years ago but it slipped my mind and so I watched it this morning it was amazing, definitely some rough scenes to watch but the psychological study of being a cult leader was so on point there were these amazing clues in every scene not just out loud but visually. In the middle of the Nest now it's equally as jarring a psychologic picture of horror but this time wealth, not a cult leader, is the villain. 

    I've also been reading some Anthony Chekhov stories of women - a great thing about moving is discovering books that you have that you never got around to reading and I've got hundreds of paperbacks. Not sure when I picked this one up but it's a gem. It's funny how people have the same problems and feelings and stories that travel time. I really liked Wretchedness. I've had trouble reading lately but I just ordered ten copies of Mitch Albom's The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto - my hair stylist lent it to me (if you call ponytail a style lol but that's my fault not hers) and it is my favorite book of the year so I've got to gift it. I googled him after I read it he's quite an amazing person he uses his gift to give and I admire that quite a bit.

    And, like everyone else on the planet, I watched Queen's Gambit it is so good she is amazing those eyes can say more by looking than anyone could ever say out loud. And of course I loved that her name was Elizabeth but she goes by Beth I've never done that. 

    I'm off tomorrow gonna grocery shop and try to figure out this Senior ad thing that is a mystery to every parent of a Senior at Hendrix we lament about it in a Facebook group. It's due Tuesday. I was commenting to follow the other day and I saw my therapist comment I felt like I won the jackpot and Facebook stalked - just his cover photo to see his wife and kids. 

Hope you all had a restful weekend - much love, E

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