Monday, November 30, 2020


     I never thought I'd add that to my resume at the ripe old age of 47 but our house has been on the market since March and hasn't sold so when an acquaintance texted in distress three weeks ago - her house sold in a week and she had to be out before Thanksgiving - to see if we would consider renting I jumped on it. Double mortgage since July sucks. My financial advisor told me to look up rent on Zillow and charge 200 bucks less good renters are priceless. Her cousin lives down the street, she only wants six months bc they have their eye on a FSBO on 2 acres. He's a farmer and wants lots of land, she's a busy SAHM of three girls. 

    She called me this morning and told me she didn't want to bug me over Thanksgiving but two things, one, there's a black rat in the cupboard in the kitchen (we killed a baby white rat in the Spring and were worried there was another one) and Dow, her husband, was testing all the lights and the one on the back porch sparked scarily so she called an exterminator and I called an electrician and I hope I passed my first test as a landlord with flying colors because she is really amazing and I want to count her as a friend. She's agreed to deliver the meal I plan to cook for my friends two doors down on Wednesday - I'm stuck at work - so I plan to bring her a housewarming and thank you gift when I drop off the food tomorrow night. After family pictures take two. I hope she shows up I was originally off tomorrow but a partner is having emergent surgery so I agreed to come in.

    Don't recommend The Nest the woman was an interesting character but overall it fell flat. Big wishes that his next is as good as his first. That cult one has lingered.

    The funny thing about the rat is that they heard it and thought it was in the attic - but her youngest Virginia was like no I hear it it's in the kitchen. And they had heard their alcohol bottles clinking around at night - Dow put them in the cupboard above the stove. They are used to country living - so not afraid of animals - but not in their living area I agree. She told me that they once had rats in their garage, the reason they like they alcohol bottles it that they pry the labels off for their nest. I thought that was lovely, honestly. I would never have guessed that in a million years. 

    Just finally emailed/figured out the senior ad thing. I found a quote that made me cry when I originally read it - Neil Gaiman's Blueberry Girl. Don't tell Cecelia she doesn't read this and it's a secret. If I recall correctly he loved Sarah McLachlan's music so much he wrote it for her little girl. I read it at Barnes & Noble and quickly introduced into my daughter's nightly queue. It is one of my favorite children's books I've ever read I need to get it for Rennie.

    Busy day, nice to be relaxing, hope you are too - much love, E

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