Saturday, November 21, 2020

Happy Place

     It's kind of nice when you plan a long hike and nature says nope I'm going to rain all day so all you get to do is eat and drink and read and write and get a massage. Just finished breakfast at my favorite new brunch place yum poached eggs over sausage with a bloody Mary reduction sauce and of course plenty of Tabasco sauce. Bombadil's. It's a little out of the way from this bed and breakfast but feels a hell of a lot safer than Mudd Street Cafe that breakfast den feels like a Covid bed and there are never very many people at Bombadil's it's kind of hipster.

    The last time I was up here we did another underground off the path cave tour and it was just me and S and a cheerful tour guide who reminded me of Mindy Kaling. We got to the end of the lighted part of the tour and she asked me to climb on a very scary boulder - the drop offs were vertiginous, and as I sat there with the point of rock invading my ass she said, "Now you are going to want to climb here and then put your foot up here." I looked up and tried to pay attention through my fear and saw that she had her foot going into another room above her head - she was already a head above me. I made a snap decision based on the fact that my foot had not been that high above my head since I was on the Pom Squad in high school. "Y'all go on I'm going to stay here." 

    As they ascended into the dark recess I realized that I was too frightened to get back on the path so sat on the scary rock for twenty minutes contemplating my fate. Luckily they emerged to go into a different part of the cave and recognized I needed help and got me down. So I spent two hours by myself in the lit part of the cave where people tour and took pictures and sang Cowboy Junkies - the acoustics were amazing and thought how lucky I was to get to do this at night with no one else around. S said I made the right decision the things she had him do were scary and not fun and there wasn't even much to see. He said the other one we did back in the summer was better that guy always gave you a safe and a scary option and the scary options were nothing compared to what Mindy put him through.

    Lisa tells me it's ok to take something from nature if you ask permission so I felt really bad because I took three tiny rocks from the cave and forgot to ask permission but hopefully if I ask I will be forgiven. They sit on my bedside table reminding me of the adventure. 

    The last time I was fascinated by religion was in college - I took a world religions class I loved from Jay McDaniel. I had a huge crush on him. I can see where college kids and professors might get in trouble  entangling because knowledge is about the sexiest thing on the planet. Throw on a Scottish accent and you get Dr. McAinsh, a history professor. Some days I had to use all my self control not to run to the podium and throw myself at him. I guess as long as you keep that shit in your head it's ok. When he came up to me on my graduation day and sought me out to tell me my final essays written for a class I forgot was the best one he ever read in his entire life I was so pleased. Dazzle em with your brains:) 

    Anyway, I became fascinated with Kali, an Indian deity, during world religion class. I even made her my Twitter handle at one point during my divorce but then I never got on Twitter which is typical. I'd kind of forgotten her but when Lisa told me to order these goddess mediation cards and read the accompanying meditation I brought them to my office and opened them up and guess who I picked. So I read the mediation and it looks really cool but it's been about six weeks and I've yet to try it. Moving. Election. Pandemic. We've discussed this. I found a Kali statue my mom brought me from India in college that was hiding in a cabinet and took her to my new house. She's important, somehow.

    Well I'm  going to go pick one of the seven books I packed to start and read until 1:00 massage. Hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday. Much love, E

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