Thursday, November 19, 2020

Grocery Store

     This morning I had a nine o'clock appointment with my psychic, Lisa Dawn. I don't think I've told you about her. I heard about her from my hair stylist - her mom is a psychic and in professional circles she's known as one of the best in Arkansas - she's in Eureka Springs. I met her in 2016 on a long weekend in May - I went for a Tarot reading on a lark and she said some things to me that really helped me heal my relationships with my family. I've done lots of journey work, usually on the phone in my office. Lately I've just been doing energy clearing and Reiki, because pandemic and moving and life is stressful. She told me I need to write more, because it was inspirational. LOL I don't know about that but it is something cathartic to me so I will try to be a little more of a frequent flyer around here.

    My husband asked me to go to Walgreen's today to pick up some gum and mouthwash for him. I'm off, and decided to go to Kroger instead to get some basics and try out a new soup I found on Tasty this week. It's a vegan soup I'm making for an acquaintance I recently learned it battling a nasty cancer - sarcomatoid carcinoma - it's like cancer on steroids. I'm going to make a test run on Sunday night but add Italian sausage and cheese instead of lentils. She's so wonderful and she's my age and she has kids my age and I've cried about it three times since I learned on Monday. I signed up for the December 2 meal - lasagna soup. I learned from googling that most store pastas have no animal products.

    Kroger was crowded and the lines were longer than I've ever seen them. When I finally got to the register I was making small talk with the checker until she was dogging the vaccines and how early they were coming out and I was like ugh. Who is this crazy person. When it finally came time to pay the bill it was rejecting my debit card. Then it rejected my credit card. Then it rejected my check. I checked my account and sure enough there was plenty of money to cover the bill, so I told her I wasn't leaving without my food and she called the manager. Freaking Opie walked up with slick backed red hair and a vapid face and said the machine was not communicating with my bank. I told him that was ridiculous - it's freaking Regions, and he needed to fix it so I could take my food home I'd shopped over an hour. He said, "Ma'am, I cannot let you walk out of this store with 280.00 worth of groceries without paying." I just sighed and wondered what the hell I did to deserve this stupidity and prayed as he handed me over to a cute guy from guest services to try to ring me up on another computer. 

    I worried, "Are you going to have to scan everything again?" Thankfully no, and he saw the problem was one that she made and fixed it. I paid with my debit card. He apologized for the trouble and I looked him in the eye and said "No thank you so much you are a lifesaver." I hope he told Beavis and Butthead that it was their problem not mine.

    Lisa has taught me that if animals show up a lot in your life you should google the Native American meaning because it means there is something they are trying to tell you. Back in my old house on Foxcroft we had a stink bug issue. So much so we paid a bug service to close off external entrances to our home. When I moved here I saw, guess what, a stink bug. So I googled. Turns out they have a lot to say I'd tell you but google it yourself I'm not long for this journal. My husband rescued the one from my bathroom the other day - I told him they were important - and when my cousin Eleanor came over she noticed the biggest stink bug on the planet outside of our keeping room on the screen. It looked prehistoric. So I told her about them I think I shocked her a bit. The next day there were two giant ones on the screen door if they made babies one of them showed up in my bathroom this morning. I'm going to get S to rescue it when he gets home from work as a single mom I dealt with many bugs for my kids and I was happy to pass that torch when I remarried.

    OK I feel better. My husband is grabbing brats on the way home we are going to grill in the new backyard and have a bonfire we are headed to Eureka for the weekend. I'm so excited. Won't see Lisa bc Covid but we made a phone appointment Thanksgiving morning. Talk soon. Much love, E

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