Friday, November 20, 2020

Ascension Sickness

     I should tell you about Wednesday. Not really yesterday but it's past three a.m. so time is a little murky. I was off, I planned a few long weekends to unpack. I'm about 75% done but there is still much to do. We had family pictures planned so I slept in and showered and went to a salon in Hillcrest my stylist recommended to get a blowout. I hadn't had one of those since I turned 40 so it was a real treat. The stylist was super nice and gave a great head massage - we talked about the astrological signs of all the people in our lives and what they meant. 

    My histology department is in real distress. We had one out on quarantine and one is on maternity leave after bed rest and our night person quit so we aren't getting slides until around noon it's kinda crazy. Therefore I had a bunch of hard cases I had to order immunos on that needed my attention so I went into work for about three hours. I sighed as I gave a 22 yo metastatic leiomyosarcoma to her bowel mesentery and a 30 yo nurse with an upcoming wedding metastatic ovarian cancer to her entire abdominal cavity. WTF is up with cancer. It's running rampant. It's not just the virus we have a real health crisis on our hands.

    I'd had an egg for breakfast and I ate the rest of a fruit cup dumped in Boulevard ginger dressing for lunch with corn nuts. I swear I could drink that ginger dressing. I finally wrapped things up and headed to get a gift for my new friend Sean - he had a hard day at work the day before - he's a barista at Baptist Boulevard - and I was excited to see him. We were chatting outside his apartment and suddenly I had to sit down. Then I had to lay down. I was tanking and he told me I needed to come in his apartment. I scooted into the front entryway and my hands grew numb and I almost passed out. His boyfriend was on the couch - I was excited to meet him but apologizing profusely for invading their space. He was super kind and offered me a pillow. "It's clean I just washed it." I said, "I'm not a neat freak I let my kids eat mosquitos to build their immune system but I appreciate it."

    I was turning grey and Sean offered me some lemon sorbet. I ate it so fast I got a second cup and then had a cup of raspberry sorbet. I think I was hypoglycemic from lack of food - I told them both this hadn't happened to me since I was in residency I had a GI bug and grew numb and paralyzed from low electrolytes. It was supposed to be my first day on forensic rotation at the crime lab I had to call in for the first time in residency. Trent talked about a Karen incident with their adorable chocolate lab Roxie, who they were holding back until I revived and was able to sit on a chair. I told them to let her over I was feeling better and had to be at Two Rivers in twenty minutes for the family pics. They worried about me driving but I assured them I was OK.

    I arrived at the park and C called me from her car saying that the photographer had DM'd her on Insta at noon to say she had to postpone but C doesn't get notifications so she just found out. She was crying. I told her no worries we can just take some pics but she clearly wasn't in a state for pics so S and J and I wandered over to some trees and took pics of each other. I told her I'm off again the Monday and Tuesday after Thanksgiving so we can reschedule but she was in melt down mode so I supported her for 20 minutes over life and such. She worried over her dripping mascara and I told her she looked beautiful like a goth queen. They drove off to their dad and stepmom's for supper.

    Ever since this summer I've had to have a cough drop in my mouth to prevent me from dry heaving. It's super annoying. My therapist, Yousef Fahoum, thinks it might be new allergies but I googled it it's ascension sickness. I think all of our souls are ascending right now. Sometimes, like the other night, the cough drops aren't enough and I throw up. S and I were planning to go to dinner but it was put on hold as I tossed all of the lemon and raspberry sorbet into the kitchen sink. Then I needed a whiskey and Arnold Palmer - my new fave drink - I learned about Arnold Palmers from someone a long time ago at the Racquet Club. 

    When I recovered S and I went to Santo Coyote - new Mexican chain in the hood - and ordered a big plate of nachos with pulled chicken and ground beef. My only complaint was that there wasn't enough cheese dip on it I'll have to ask for extra next time. The jalapeno margarita was large and plenty full of tequila but a little sour. 

    Yesterday C told me she rescheduled the pics for December 1st when I'm off. I'm kind of glad bc I want to wear a different outfit and I thought I looked a little washed out I don't wear makeup bc I don't understand it and it's an extra step to the day I'd rather avoid. She told me she would help me with makeup.

    I bought some of the lemon sorbet at Kroger yesterday it's going to be one of my new comfort foods it's so good. Trent told me that they have tried them all and strangely the Private Selections brand at Kroger is the best (I won't be going to the Heights one any fing more) even better than Haagen Dazs and Ben and Jerry's. I also got the mango and the black cherry to try. I should probably wind down and catch a few more z's before my trip tomorrow. I hope Lisa is proud I'm writing.

Much love, E

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