Thursday, April 16, 2020


I  can't remember I ever talked about my friend Christy. That maybe should have ended in ie, but I'm not sure, so we are going to stick to y. We have been friends since college. She lived three doors down from me when my kids were little, back when I was with my ex. I used to get home from residency, get the kids from the nanny, and rush them down to her house to go up to the third floor playroom and watch mine play with her boys while we had wine on the couch.

Yesterday we chatted on the phone a lot. I feel like I'm satisfying an oral fixation this week. Talking on the phone a lot more that usual, eating like I'm recovering from cachexia. I went into work yesterday to finish off a few cases and then went to her condo in Chenal for a social distance visit. It was a stunning day - the air was cool but the sun was warm. She has the sniffles so she brought down some boxes for me for a house project and we social distance visited. As I sat down I noticed a bunch of black hairs on my right leg, but not my left. I LOL'd. "I thought I shaved this morning, I must have missed a leg." She sat across from me in pajamas and flip flops. "This is the most I've dressed up in three weeks."

We decided to take about a mile walk around the Chenal golf course on a paved trail. The backdrop of the trees and a small stream and McMansions was stunning - I've never been around there before. As you can imagine, there were lots of golfers. Most were older, polite white men, respectful of us and careful with their golf carts as we jumped aside in the grass to let them by.

Christy is hilarious. We discussed everything from laser hair removal  to how they are doing porn on Zoom (of course she knew). As we neared the end of our walk, a golf cart came careening toward us on the paved trail and we jumped aside to the grass. Christy remarked, "See, some of these guys drive like crazy, you have to be careful." He was dressed in a tight royal blue golf shirt and had a mad demeanor. Instead of driving by, I was surprised when he pulled over right next to us.

"You girls need to not walk when there are so many people playing golf, you might get hit on the head." Had his features contained concern rather than contempt I would have been a little more kind. I'm not sure what Christy's reaction was, but it wasn't vocal. I shrugged my shoulder's nonchalantly and  we moved on as he drove away. As I told my husband the story at dinner, he LOL'd. "He was mansplaining how you should be on the golf course." Exactly. I asked my friend, "Did you know him? What an asshole." Christy said, "I've walked on the golf course many times and no one has ever said that to me."

I worried later if I should have challenged him. "Under what authority do you have to say that to us?" Was he security, was he the head of the golf course, or was he just a pissed off golfer who was used to getting his way around the board room and was quarantined at home miserably? "You never know," Christy said later as I talked to her on the phone. "He could have short man's syndrome. He could be living with his overbearing mother." I laughed. We agreed we acted best in not reacting. You don't want to engage an asshole.

As we neared the end of our walk we vowed to do it again soon, weather permitting. "This was so good for me, I haven't been out of the house in three weeks.  "Me too it's so good to see you. Thanks for the boxes." I climbed in the car to head home.

Oh! last night I had the same dinner - the Palak Paneer with mini ice cream cones, Indian has been our comfort food for the last week and a half, but I forgot to mention the garlic naan. Trader Joe's has the best frozen garlic naan on the planet. It's guaranteed to keep the vampires at bay. Never omitting the carbs again EVAR. And when I add a bit of the leftover spice level 8 sauce from the shrimp curry  from Taj Majal leftovers it cranks it up a bit. My kids like the naan from Taj Mahal better but its a tad flatter and greasier the garlic naan from Trader Joe's is better. The texture is like biting into a spiced pillow. I know, I should be on a commercial.

I couldn't help stopping by work yesterday to finish off a case. Amy, the micro supervisor, was as calm and maternal and in control as ever. I'd sent her a couple of articles earlier in the day and we discussed them. As of yesterday the inpatient positive count at Baptist was 4, and one guy was still on the vent. Still at a lull, thankfully. My ex told me the spike earlier in the week in the state was because it hit Cummins, not sure if I spelled that correctly and too tired to look it up, but I feel sorry for the prisoners.

Impatiently waiting on an Amazon delivery of a new book. It's supposed to come in on Monday - Wednesday. Music time. Much love, E

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