Saturday, April 18, 2020

Time is Elastic

Don't you love vacation days? They stretch on forever. More than once in the last week, I've thought that it was a different day than it was. To be honest, you probably have guessed, I haven't been sleeping that much. That makes time even crazier. I actually had breakfast twice yesterday (I mean today!), once at 4am and again with my husband at 9am, LOL. Lots of eggs and smoked gouda toast. English muffins. Spicy chicken sausage.

Leaves me lots of time to think. I LOL'd in the shower yesterday, thinking about Elizabeth cubed. Poor thing. She found her religion and married her true love at the same freaking time (2016). How weird was that. She got the two confused a lot. Her paranoia, based on both nature and nurture, grew to extreme heights. She was giddy and wary. She read a group of books twice (I'm too embarrassed to say which ones), not only for enjoyment, but also searching for hidden meanings. Every random Facebook anonymous friend seemed like an omen, or a sign. Now that she realizes it was just storytelling, she should probably read them again. The ones she saved, anyway. Negative Elizabeth threw some of them away. She threw the baby away with the bathwater. Oops.

Yesterday, I mean today, I'm so confused, just particles floating in the ether, I went to a friends house for snacks and drinks. Amazing house - like a mansion. Way fancier than the one I just bought - more on that later (I found my dream house!!!). She's a new friend - going through a divorce. I toured her house - one that had no fewer than two game rooms in addition to many living areas and bedrooms for her college aged kids. I met one of them - he was super handsome and educated me a bit. We were talking about pot. I mentioned Willie Nelson - I read an article about him in Rolling Stone in the last year or so. He surprised me. "He had to quit. A few months ago. Something about a lung condition. Did you know that he was the only one that could out smoke Snoop and Wiz?"

I walked into one room and couldn't have been more surprised if she had hit me over the head with a sledgehammer. It was a theater room - complete with floor lights and fancy leather recliner seats, all in a row. There was even an old popcorn machine. Bohemian Rhapsody was playing on the large screen. I'd already seen that, so we rushed out into the beautiful sunshine by her pool to soak up the afternoon.

I can't believe how much time I have lately. I used to always feel pressure and rush around what I have to do in my life. Now I'm finding time to listen to albums, read in the sun, play with my text groups, talk to my family. I know it will get intense when I go back to work next week, and I'm excited my kids are coming back tomorrow, but in the meantime I'll just relax and enjoy. Hope you are too. Much love, E

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