Friday, April 24, 2020

Out of Alignment

Well that was another Marathon Day but at least I had a little more fortitude to weather it. Yesterday I felt like I really was Alice in Wonderland. That brought to mind a long ago gift. One that, as you can imagine, was smashed to smithereens prior to being deposited in the Baptist bathroom trash can (they are bottomless). Speaking of Baptist trash cans, a few months ago Baptist reduced our daily trash removal to weekly - only on Monday. I've heard it's been taken away for good from all offices in the hospital. I certainly don't mind taking out my own trash, we just take it across the hall and dump it in the bathroom, and there is less waste - the staff are variable and it's weird how a lot of them will try to change out the bag when there is one thing in it I have to stop them. It's just the principle, you know?

In micro I learned we are getting 42 test kits on Monday!! That's 420 tests. We got 12 test kits on our first shipment April 9, 6 on 4/10, 24 on 4/14, 12 on 4/21, and will get our biggest shipment, a projected 42 on 4/27 in time to test patients for pre-elective surgeries starting the following Monday. Shaver and the clinicians will be happy - they are all over his back.

There was something off in my scope this morning, a shadow. I can usually fiddle with it enough to fix it, but I decided to get Rex for help. "YOU want ME to come help you with your scope?" "Yup I'm outta tricks." I like Rex for his quick wit and his musical proclivities. As he sat down he proclaimed, "You really are out of alignment here." I couldn't have said it better myself. While nice this is all still a little unsettling, as you can imagine it would be for you. My easy command of ICD codes, billing codes, passwords, etc. is not quite so easy right now. The days are busy. I was pleased when it took him longer than a second for him to fix the scope (a few minutes actually).

Luckily I learned in huddle that there was no lab rep bringing lunch for lab week, as there had been all week. I quickly rushed to tell Rex so we could remedy the situation. I got the days confused. He laughed. "Well, yesterday was my Monday, so there ya go." Tina got on it and the 63 employees that are here right now got Papa John's. Talk about a time stamp. I hadn't had that since college I think. I got two sausage pieces, squirted the juice from that green pepper on the pizza then ate the pepper. Dipped the crust in  THAT GARLIC BUTTER. I had forgotten about that. Fun fact: My husband used to delivered pizza for Papa John's when he was living in Seattle. He once delivered a pizza to EDDIE VEDDER!!! Vedder forgot he ordered a pizza - it was a big compound - and he had to wait a half hour but Vedder was so apologetic and gave him a $50 tip. And he got to meet EDDIE VEDDER.

They are opening the Baptist hotel to start testing employees through Viracor today I heard. The handling of the testing in the community is being handled in part by a doctor named Amanda, AKA Mandy. She is a stunning blonde. When she agreed to be Baptist's infectious disease specialist a couple of years ago she had no idea what she was getting into. And she has like 5 kids I think some of them are adopted. She was going to start trying to test inpatients randomly and then it hit before we figured out the testing so that idea went out the window. She's doing a really good job.

Baptist e-mail platform is GroupWise, which sucks, as you probably know. It's hard to send even a PDF file and it can't handle many platforms. We migrate to Google today actually, in an hour or so it will Go Live. There have been countless e-mails about videos to watch and passwords to use when our mail migrates over but I will not watch these ever or wait around for this today I'm tired, and I want to try to do a little exercise it might be good for my head. Much love, E

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