Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Meanwhile, Back at the Pandemic

When I went to work yesterday I wandered into the micro lab and interrupted their huddle at 7:50 a.m. I decided to stay. Huddles are a thing the Baptist does - something I used to be hypercritical of. The clinical lab are not our employees - they belong to Baptist. They meet daily to talk about their situation - what's going on in their world - and they end with a prayer. It feels a little cheesy - but it's an important ritual and valuable information is conveyed. I learned that we are not just getting another 120 test kits for the PCR test this week - we are getting 240. "THEY" have already doubled their promised allotment. This can only be good. I  met a cute new micro tech named Rachel. I asked Amy "Do you do this everyday? At 7:45 am?" She said yes. I vowed to myself to attend as often as I could.

As I was leaving micro lab I bumped into Sara. Our new morgue tech. "How many deaths, so far?"
She said only five, which was reassuring. We discussed the orange COVID signs we were using on the body bags to identify the patients.  I think this is going to be manageable. Word on my street is that there are only 6 inpatient positives as of yesterday and only one on the vent. That's less than last week!! I know the crest is still rising, but we are on the low end of the curve.

I wandered into the gross room to evaluate their situation. Our chief, Dr. Shaver, is doing a very smart thing we discussed a couple of weeks ago. We are rotating ourselves off, 2 FTE's right now, and our employees. We have done a few voluntary furloughs, and plan to support the remainder of our about 50 employees with a small business loan we thankfully acquired through the government. I learned in a group text with my partners that it went through on Saturday. That was a big financial relief. Consequently, those of us working are busy. I had 120 blocks yesterday - not too shabby for a post call Monday. I've had up to 200 or so, but still. Lots of breasts. Hagans and Fant were busy on Friday. Jessica was busy on Saturday and Sunday.

Jesica is a fiery Southern redhead. She is the head of my department - the Gross Room - and I fought hard to get her there and to get her a pay raise to accompany her rise. Despite her fears - we are all scared right now - she is doing an incredible job. I learned yesterday she not only worked on Saturday, like me, but she also came in Sunday for a few hours to make Monday more palatable for her crew. "There were so many legs," she proclaimed yesterday morning, waving her hands wildly. "Legs are coming out of the woodwork." I guess atherosclerosis and gangrenous necrosis do not stall in a pandemic. Heart disease runs rampant.

So this is my Friday!! I'm so excited. After a record 10 days of call I had a nice post call Monday yesterday. And I got rotated off on Wednesday - we now have cute little COVID days off on the schedule with little o's and asteriks. Kind of like the actual virus. Shaver is doing an amazing job. I already took Thursday and Friday off - I love long weekends in the Spring and even thought I won't be going to Eureka or somewhere else there are lots of projects to do around the house and my back deck and the sunshine are screaming for me. I didn't go out in the sun at all last year. In retrospect, I must have been really low. I freaking love the sun, love to chase it on the porch with my deck chairs.

So happy Friday (mine) to everyone out there. Much love - E

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