Monday, April 20, 2020

I think I've got a Type

I think my internal clock is finally righting itself. That's a relief since I have to go back to work on Wednesday.

Yesterday I walked downstairs close to 9:00p.m. My son usually comes upstairs from gaming around 8:30 on a school night. He plays with his best friend Aiden, mostly - they met in first grade. Jack's an introvert like me, definitely an intellectual. His whole life he has been quiet and calm. I love talking to him about his WWII projects and sharing info I have learned from books.

I have talked to him about the danger of being an introvert. C emotes - which is quite alarming to me - I didn't do that. I internalized everything, much to my detriment. I've told him that if he needs to talk about things, which is tough for us introverts, I'm always a good ear. This makes us closer. And he has good perspective, I like to hear what he has to say.

He asked me if he could game until 10:00 p.m. This surprised me. Aiden is usually off social media long before any restrictions I have ever created for Jack. "What's going on in that house?"

"Paige is coughing, and Piper has a fever." His grandparents live in the house, so they have been very worried. Not going out at all. And Birmingham is a hotspot - I looked it up last night. Alabama is having issues. I checked in with the mom tonight. The fever went away, whew.

I told Jack, "You need to support Aiden and yourself - game as much as you want. Make your own limitations. You will be in high school soon, you make good grades, you need to start creating your own boundaries." Stepmom and I had talked a couple of weeks ago about loosening the restrictions on gaming in the time of corona. We all need our comfort stuff.

Today I learned we lost our newest hire in my department, the gross room. It wasn't her passion, and I text reassured her good luck in finding it for her. I was texting with the supervisor. Ugh. She reminded me, "We've got Michelle in the background." Oh yeah, I interviewed Michelle a couple of months ago. She's delightful. She's in her 30's but looks like a model in her 20's. She's single and childless, she takes care of her Mom. She trained in our histotech department. They are required to rotate through the gross room, and most of them hate it, but occasionally one will be drawn to it. I think, if I remember correctly, that's how we got one of my best friends Laurie.

Shaver is our chief. Jessica is going to check in with him on Michelle tomorrow. And to remind Shaver that we are in a very good place to train a new hire, get her ready for prime time, because we are dead now but things will be crazy soon.

Shaver texted me that as of today we are 8 inpatient positive and 3 on the vent. Worse than last week, but still pretty damn good. Music time. Much love, E

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