Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Negative Control

I blushed hard today. From a very bland, banal picture. Oh, what's in store.

I wanted to share this yesterday, but forgot. In one of my private pathology groups, this:

When I got to work this morning I found out that they were playing "Celebration" when Covid patients get discharged and "Don't Stop Believing" when Covid patients get extubated. I thought sure, great we should celebrate. Fast forward three hours to me up in my elbows in a perforated, crepitant small bowel resection. When it hits full (full load speaker volume) "Don't Stop Believing!" Thank you Universe, I guess I needed that." LOLOL. Best laugh all day.

What else today? Kids are so fun, I played with my ex's kid all morning. I swear they are planted here to teach as much to us as we have to learn from them, if we just stop to listen. She's a freaking intelligent as hell doll.

I go back to work tomorrow! Got a 7am meeting with BHEC QC. They have a social distancing policy in place. So it will be safe. And I think I can get to a 7am meeting, LOL And I can get caught up. We still have only 3 patients on the vent now 10 inpatient positive. My mom told me this morning Star City is having some issues so I thought about them today.

I've got so much to say but I just erased it because I'm tired as hell. Doesn't change my love. Music time. Much love, E.

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