Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Here I am again. Talking in my BIG VOICE. I feel like it's getting bigger every day.

Yesterday I joined the micro huddle again. And I learned an amazing thing. One of my techs - I knew she was getting bigger but we all wear lab coats so it's not easy to see - is pregnant! She is due in June. My son was born on June 3rd - so I was super excited. She told me she was having a boy. I'm pretty good a figuring out if it is a girl or a boy, but not in scrub pants and a lab coat - that is way too obscure. Her shower is in May, and she is registered at Amazon. I can't wait to attend - it's been a long time since I've been to a baby shower.

Speaking of scrub pants - they are the most amazingly comfortable pants on the planet. I've taken to pulling them back on after a workout. I wore them to Trader Joe's yesterday, to get my fave comfort food, Palak Paneer and mini dipped ice cream cones. Of course I found a million other things to buy there. The clerk I checked out with told me that I could search their site and find recipes with the products I bought. I was so thankful for his advice I shared what I was doing. He told me while he was packing my things to get some free things - try whatever I want - from the aisle. He must have registered my confusion by looking into my eyes -- I was spinning a bit. Wondering if this was some sort of promotional thing. "You are an essential worker. We appreciate you. Get whatever you want. Try some things out. We want you back." Well that is a foregone conclusion. I've been there four times in the last month and I keep finding reasons to return. I learned in yoga that if you develop a product there - all natural - that they pay top dollar. You can't put your name on it but it doesn't matter - you are making so much money you don't give a shit. So the best people on the planet are using the best ingredients to create products. My Cher group is also enamored. My gross room supervisor told me yesterday she is only doing Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, from now on. Sounds like good advice to me.

Speaking of the gross room - Jessica was in top form yesterday. I received a gross pic of a breast from a top breast surgeon yesterday - we were discussing a difficult case on the phone. I had seen the breast - it was nothing short of heart stopping - earlier in the week. I thought it looked like a volcano. I showed my secretary, and she said it looked like the thing growing out of the side of Igor's head.  A ten centimeter tumor!! Unprecedented there, for me. The pic will come  in handy when I present it a tumor board. I reviewed the core and aspirate from a lymph node with Shaver and Nelson. I thought it was atypical, but the expert called it benign. Sometimes the experts are wrong. I decided to stick to my malignant diagnosis, the one I told the surgeon yesterday, even if it comes back benign again.

I think I shared my favorite movie when I was little, The Resurrection. Ellen Burstyn is amazing. And she aged so gracefully, and continues to work. When I was googling her yesterday, I learned about her incredible life. Another film of hers I loved when I was little was Same Time Next Year, with Alan Alda. I must have watched that show ten times. TV was limited back then, so I didn't have as many choices, I must have bumped into it accidentally a lot. I had such empathy for the characters. I remember thinking - why wait a whole year? Why not meet as much as humanly possible? That's what I would do. Turns out I missed a lot of Ellyn Burstyn's other works. That would be a fun thing to do - watch some of her other films.

So at Baptist yesterday we were at 4 inpatient positives and one still on the vent. I was talking to my dad last night on the phone and he told me they were putting the New York patients prone to avoid them getting on the vent. That increases their lung capacity by 30%. He said they were doing that with neonates back in his day - before surfactant was developed. I did that with both of my kids - slept them prone, despite the current silly recommendations to sleep babies on their backs. It is much more intuitive, and obviously better for the kiddos, to sleep them prone. I enjoyed the affirmation, years later, especially coming from my dad. He's kind of a rock star, and one of my biggest mentors. I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be so much like him.

So because of the COVID off days I'm actually off until next Wednesday!! I'm so excited. I'm glad the weather is warming up. I texted my micro supervisor last night with the latest recommendations about that crappy serology test I told you about. Someone smart is banning it in Maryland. And LOLOL, the White House is using it for screening visitors. We have been releasing mandatory EUA non FDA approved info about the PCR test to our clinicians, and they are confused. So I sent a memo out to the Baptist system on the physician fast fax yesterday saying basically in fancy lingo to : FACKING CHILL. We are using the gold standard. Our community needs to know that. I was talking to a cardiologist I trained with in the hall the other day about that test. "So Fauci is wrong?" He's not a pathologist. You consult the experts for a reason.

Even though I'm not at work I will continue to blog. I've got a wellspring of stories and it will be fun to think of them during my day. We will both catch up on the pandemic next Wednesday together, and I will continue to get daily updates from my chief and my micro supervisor if there is an important development. Soooo -- Happy Wednesday. Much love, E

P.S. I forgot to tell you I saw gout yesterday!! I couldn't write this stuff any better than it is happening in real life. I haven't seen it in so long. I got to geek out to the beautiful crystals. I hadn't seen it in so long I almost forgot the name of the stain to order and had to search it. Gout is an ugly term, but so beautiful under the scope.

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