Friday, January 26, 2018

Just Because

I've been getting a lot of sleep lately. I don't know if it's this new diet or what. Really, it's happened all winter. I'll plan to watch an hour show at 8:30 and be headed to bed by nine. Penny Dreadful, which should have lasted a few days, has dragged on for much longer. 10-11 hours a night. It's like I'm hibernating or something. The one time I had to stay up until 11:00 to pick up C and some of her friends at a party I thought I was going to die. No waking early, no worrying at 3am, just zonked out. Monday I slept through my alarm and missed an early needle. Maybe if I lose a few pounds I'll get my edge back. Maybe not. Maybe my body is catching up on years of sleep deprivation. That might take a while.

I've changed my primary news source to The Guardian this year. It's very progressive. They just feel more objective and comprehensive. Plus the website to The Atlantic got all wonky at work and I can't read it anymore. I'm still paying for it and can get on my phone, but I never read it on my phone. Isn't it weird how there are things you do on your phone but not on your laptop or desktop, and vice versa? I once opened Facebook on my laptop last fall and was completely overwhelmed with the format. I only do that on my phone.

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! Do more exclamation points convey just how much? All winter I've been studying Paganism through Celtic Myths and Legends (Ellis) and other sources online and studying the science of trees in The Hidden Life of Trees (Wohlleben). Trees communicate, parent, and befriend. I've even imagined, especially during tree position in yoga when I'm trying not to fall over, that in a former life I might have been a tree (it's harder to fall over if you have roots). And now I'm headed to hike ancient forests in Whistler, BC. There is a molecular pathology conference called CAMP that I've been eyeing for years. Since molecular advances are the hot button topic at Tumor Board it makes sense to brush up. At least they were last fall, dunno about now, the hibernation thing has kept me away for a few months. It can't hurt.

They even have snowshoe guides that will teach you all about the ancient forests and medicines and herbs and belief systems at the time, while you are hiking through beautiful ancient forests. And Margaret Cho is performing Wednesday night! Not in the ancient forests. I need to try to figure out how to get tickets. The hotel looks like a dream fairy tale hotel, not a real hotel. Or maybe a little bit like the one in The Shining. You could come at it from either angle.

Did you know that just like a solar and lunar sign, we all have Celtic tree and animal signs too?  Mine are  hazel and a salmon. Salmon! According to Druid tradition, it is the Oldest Animal. And the hazel tree has significance in being at the heart of the Otherworld. Fascinating stuff.

Happy Friday!!!

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