Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Checking In

I'm traveling three weekends in a row, starting tomorrow at 8am. And while I'm horribly disillusioned about the conference I am going to tomorrow, I am excited to meet a small cohort of women physicians in Stylish AF for drinks Friday afternoon. Also, Gay Purcell told me about the Omaha Zoo which is supposed to be amazing - so me and my best friend Trishie from residency are going to spend Friday there before the conference starts. I managed to read 5 books on my LA trip (two were short) so I'm being ambitious - packing four. And I'm proud to say I spent not one dime on new PJ's for the pajama party or cocktail dress on Saturday night - I pilloried my own closet.

How many people out there can say they have their own Troubadour? Not many I'll bet. Do you also have the certainty that this lifetime is not unique, I mean, that what you are experiencing now happens in every lifetime? For centuries past and present and future? It's a comforting thought, especially in these chaotic times. Because Houston, LA, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Florida, US and B V.I. - it's so scary it's apocalyptic - Harvey. Irma. Not to mention the White House. Last gasp of the old white privileged mansplaining male I'm praying. My daughter was asking tonight how I get my news and how I am so caught up (Mom, I notice at dinner you know what you are talking about). Loved helping her get apps for Slate, NYtimes, Atlantic, and HuffPo. She's 15 years ahead of me at her age. Navigating public school/high school/ life with aplomb.

Sending love and health and happiness and prayers to the Universe. I'm in a really good mood:). But also lots of money to Houston and plans for Florida and PR. Because tithing. You've got to put out more than you can ever expect to receive.

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