Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sturgill Simpson - Life of Sin (Live from RCA Studio A)

So I'm going to Gun's and Roses on Saturday. I've been listening to the opening act - Sturgill Simpson - all week. I know Guns, I have since I was a teen when Appetite came out. I tried to like Use Your Illusion one and two, but it was a struggle.

I remember going to the concert when I was in my early 20's - musta been - I was still dating Snake so it was '91 or '92. They played at the Pyramid - it was brand new. I'm ashamed to say that my strongest memory of that night was drinking too much beer with a crew in Snake's light blue VW van and waiting anxiously, full of pee, for the doors to open so I could find a bathroom. And afterwards, looking for our car bathed in the blue lights of the Memphis police. I don't remember much of the show.

I only knew Sturgill Simpson for his Nirvana cover of In Bloom that played all over Satellite. He's much more than that. He's intelligent - very alt-country. Looking forward to it.

On call this week and BIG SPLIT among beloved Dr. group Style MD. It was like a divorce. I mourned the drama. A new group formed on Monday, and they adopted my suggestion for a name - Stylish AF Physicians. Less rainbows and sunshine and more reality. Easier to participate in a group of 200 than 6,000. But it will grow. It's gaining momentum. It's much edgier - more my speed.

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