Tuesday, July 4, 2017


The rise and fall of breath
The push and pull of the ocean's tide
The upstroke and downstroke of wings in flight
The rise of dawn
The constriction and relaxation of the beat of the heart
Unconditional love

That last one is hard. The hardest person to bestow unconditional love upon is the self. I've been working on that a lot over the past year - forgiving myself my curves, my habits that society deems bad, my getting flustered at being the center of attention, my crooked nose. It is important, because you cannot give your loved ones unconditional love, no matter how much you fool yourself that you can, until you give it to yourself. It leaks out unconsciously - the conditions.

Happy holiday. I've been working. Time to start playing. In a few. I've got some homework to do.

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