Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tumor Board

Plastic surgeon: I haven't been to a tumor board - It's been 15 years.

Breast surgeon: Tell the story.

Plastic surgeon: Look at her left breast. It's about to explode.

The Nightingale: This is fascinating. Where is the fluid accumulation? Near the pectoralis?

Plastics: No, in between the implant and the capsule.

Me: What exactly is the capsule? Is it that part we receive during implant removal that is a rind of fibrosis and calcification?

Plastics: Yes, that's it. It's the reaction to the implant. The scar tissue. It varies - different with textured implants.

Rad: Why do you want a textured implant?

Plastics: It prevents contracture.

We see pics. Of the breast. Of the mammogram. Of the surgery. Of the path, some of which I present.

Syd texts me: Longest case ever.

Me (text): My good friend used him. He's the best in the South. Girls fly in from Vegas to get implants from him.

Syd (text): Wow. Great niche.

Plastics: We were worried about Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL). It happens. It bled like hell. It was a Friday afternoon. I had to rush it to Breast Surgeon for help.

Breast Surgeon: We had two different path specimens. Conclusion up to path.

Me and other path: Carcinosarcoma. Here's pics.

Breast Surgeon: She's so young. It's in your court now onc. What do we do?

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