Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Interventional Radiology

Me: She's way up in there. What are you sticking?

Rad: Hello! It's you! Where's Shaver??!!

Everything this guy says ends in an exclamation point. He's jovial.

Me: He went on vacation. I switched from frozens to needles. We have started splitting cytology weeks because they are incredibly busy.

Like today. I'll be back. I need to go do an EUS in the OR. Already had two bronchs and radiology. At least I'm getting exercise.

Damn pancreas is hard. Fried egg looking cells could be a number of things. Back to IR.

Rad: We are in the apex of the lung! Hey, who are you?

Cytotech: That's our new cytotech student.

Rad: What's your name? Where are you from?!

Cytotech student: I'm Crystal. I was born in California.

Rad: I knew it!! You look way too fancy for Arkansas.

Me: I'm going to LA in a few weeks.

Rad: I've been there.(You can imagine the exclamations now I'm sick of typing them). That's a crazy place. We were at that Kardashian store, well, my wife and daughter went in, I sat outside, everything is so expensive there.

Me: Your daughter in med school? The one I met?

Rad: No, the youngest one. She's obsessed. We've been to Dash in New York City too. She loves the Kardashians. We are Kardashian stalkers! Never seen one though. We will keep trying.

Cytotech: Who are the Kardashians?

Rad: You don't know who the Kardashians are? Where are you living, under a rock?

Me: I've heard of them, but I don't know them very well. I'm not sure what Dash is.

Crystal: That's me too, just heard of them. Isn't there a show or something?

Me: One of them is married to a famous artist, or musician . . . wait? Kanye West?

Crystal: Yes! That's Kim I think? And there's a Chloe maybe?

Cytotech: How are they famous?

Me: Not sure, aren't they related to that famous guy, who just turned into a girl? The Olympic athlete? Can't think of the name.

Cytotech: Bruce Jenner! Finally a name I recognize. Man, I remember when he was on the Wheaties box. Maybe they should do another Wheaties box with him, I mean her on it.

Me: Yes! 2017 LGBTQ version. This is just, macrophages. Inflammation. Get cultures.

Crystal: I know there is a Kylie Jenner, but I'm not sure if they are related to the Kardashians.

Rad: Man, you guys need to pick up a People magazine every now and again. But I guess I wouldn't know anything about them either if it wasn't for my daughter.

Off to bronch lab.

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