Thursday, June 29, 2017


I walked into work, unceremoniously, after over a week off.

Palmer: We've been hit by a Ukranian virus! No dictation. I've had to live dictate for three days. The entire hospital is incapacitated. Surgeons are telling me it is ruining them. They hit Nuance, which is the superior of our system InSync.

Me: Doubled over in laughter.

Palmer: What's so funny?

Me: I've been angry about this system all year. Why did we change? Who's in bed with who? I have worked here 10 years, and over the last year, I've complained a ton. Got a Butterfinger and latte from the lab director, but no follow up. Dropped cases, system freeze in the middle of the day requiring redictation. It sucks. I don't know why they changed a good thing. When is it supposed to go back online?

Palmer: They don't know. Maybe a few days, maybe weeks.

I showed a challenging GI case to Dr. Woods early this morning.

Dr. Woods: I'm going Melody. Typing all of my own cases. Much quicker than live dictate.

Me: Please teach me that system- I'm a fast typer - would love to bypass it.

So I did. Much to the chagrin of the transcriptionists. This was a day of unprecedented chaos. I hear it was supposed to target banks. Whatever the target - it maimed hospitals in a new way that I've never experienced.

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