Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I'm here. And it's a little anticlimactic. Very middle America. But I've been researching this for years, and we are traveling to four different hotels around the Kenai Peninsula, so I'm hopeful.

This is a bucket list trip. Back when I first got divorced I was trying to figure out how this could work, how I might do it, when the kids might like it.

Now. We had hotel dinner of fish chowder and crab cakes and fish and chips. Not good for my diet, but oh well.

This moment is just Embassy Suites but day after tomorrow - summer solstice - we will head out on the adventure of a lifetime. Glacier hiking, kayaking, biking, and dogsledding.

So it's 10:30 at night here, 3 hours behind Arkansas time, and it's still light. Does it ever get dark around here? I asked the drunk in the parking lot. He said no, it never does, and offered me some rum.

I'm a whiskey girl.

Is that whiskey in your cup?

No, it's wine. Chardonnay.

Ok can I add rum.

No, I'm fine with wine.

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