Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Uterus Unicornis

Dr. Music: Rebecca? I think this is a hard case. Soft tissue mass in the ascending aorta. Is it luminal or adventitial?

Mary Pickford

He's been calling me Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms today, on account of my dress. One I found last week on Amazon for 28 bucks. I told him I thought of it as more poodle skirt with a modern print. I've fielded more compliments, catcalls from phlebotomy, and requests for where I bought it than any other dress I've worn in history. I think the petticoat I bought online leads to a more vintage appealing look. I took a terrible selfie for Style MD that doesn't do it justice. I stopped a handsome yard guy at the wine store in his tracks. "I can't help but admire your dress, it's amazing." I replied, "Thank you, I've been hearing that all day! It's so comfy too. I ordered four different patterns - solid too - in the same dress this morning."

Terrible selfies

Me: That's a good question, I'll call cardiothoracic surgeon. I didn't think to ask. I thought the site was wrong, I felt for sure it was an atrial myxoma, but op note says it's in the ascending aorta. You know this week has been a treasure trove of unusual cases. Did you know I have a freaking uterus unicornus? I had to google that I've never heard of it.

Dr. Music: Me neither. I've heard it's a myth.

Me: No! Google it it's a true rare thing! I can't wait to call gross room and tell them about it. They thought the surgeon missed the uterus and got the cornu. But it's a true horn. Apparently an extremely rare congenital uterus anomaly is to have a banana shaped uterus and a horn. There are different variations. Mine has endometrium and myometrium.

Dr. Music: That was supposed to be a joke. Based on the uni . . .

Me: Oh duh. Ok I get it. But seriously, you can't top that can you?

Dr. Music: No. But back to the aortic mass.

Me: I know. I only found one case report from 1974 about a myxoma in the ascending aorta. She died. Not too encouraging. But this patient is fine.

Dr. Music: You did better than me. I found nothing. I'd send that to Jesse.

Me: I was thinking the same thing. Rare things have different rules. Ones best left to the experts. I'll send it to Cleveland Clinic tomorrow. After I find out exactly where it was growing.

It was growing in the pericardial space on the adventitia of the ascending aorta. I can't wait to see what Jesse thinks.

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