Monday, May 15, 2017

IT: 8:30 am

IT: You are having problems with your keyboard?

Me: This always happens, when I'm gone for a week. Something crazy with my computer. Not to mention the dust bunnies in my office. It's not working. The blue tooth light is on, which makes me think it isn't the batteries, but I can't log in to try to reconnect it. Because it won't work to put in my password.

IT (Incredulous): Do you know about Trojan? Did you know what happened over the weekend? Did you even read the news? Do you realize we have more important problems?

Me: Um, no I didn't. I was at a music festival with my brother in Atlanta.

IT: So you were partying?

Me: Yes, I was. But apparently I missed the IT Armageddon. What happened?

IT: We were getting messages all weekend. Texts. They are all in meetings all day. I'm on my way to one now. This ransomware, Trojan, infiltrated hospital systems through e-mail. Two of our units are shut down. It incapacitated the NLR hospital. Apparently entire hospitals were affected in Europe. And there are more dangerous ones on the horizon.

Me: Dangerous what? Is that a virus?

I was thinking, isn't that a condom? Or a wooden horse?

IT: It's a type of virus yes. Don't open your e-mail unless you trust it.

Me: So what should I not trust?

IT: Anyone who normally contacts you by another medium, suddenly does thorough e-mail. Don't open it. They are using your contacts.

Me: So chief normally texts me. If I get an e-mail from him, suspicious?

IT: Yes. Very. Delete. And go and get me some batteries from transcription.

Twenty minutes later.

IT: We got it working! We had to do something, something, something.

Me: Well I'm glad my keyboard is working. Thanks so much. Good luck with um, Trojan. So what happens, if you are affected? Just so I know.

IT: You get a blank slate. Try to get in the EMR, and nothing.

Me: That sounds pretty bad. Hope it doesn't happen to path.

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