Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cryptococcus neoformans

Me: Cancer,  active esophagitis, all can be turfed until Monday. I'm passing the cases out like candy. I'm flying out early Monday morning for a lab inspection. I won't be available for the fallout. But this, this is a medical emergency. I've got to do some carpooling around noon - get my daughter and her friends from volunteering to lunch to Heights, so please do the special stain and I will be back in an hour and a half.

Mycology tech (after inconclusive India Inks and mucicarmines): I'd go suspicious. I found a single colony on the plate. Too young for stains. I will follow up on Monday. It's a fast grower. 24-48 hours.

Me: This is a rare bug. I need to call ID, and make sure it is covered.

ID: Thanks so much for calling me. We aren't currently covered for that fungus. I'll add an extra anti-fungal, and make sure she is covered until Monday.

Me: I'm flying out early Monday morning. But the tech will call you with the results. Thanks for adding coverage; this is highly suspicious  - I think you are being prudent.

Isn't that halo breathtaking? India ink and mucicarmine positive, in a perfect world. But we have to wait.

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