Monday, April 3, 2017

Doctor's Lounge

Admin: Did you happen to talk to new neurosurgeon?

Me: I did. I bumped into him in the hallway end of last week. Saw his name on his jacket, and introduced myself. He thanked me for doing the frozens. I explained to him that we don't do elective brain surgery on Sunday. I think I flustered him a little. I was very polite, but I'm worried I made my first enemy here. He said he would do his cases whenever he wanted and walked away.

Admin (former OB who delivered C): I never did elective surgeries on Sunday.

Me: No one does. It's for emergencies only. And he didn't even give me a heads up. I was yanked out of Sunday School, then a mother and daughter brunch downtown at South on Main. I finished my brunch and carpooled my daughter home, but still.

Admin: The OR is not equipped for those cases on Sunday.

Me: I know! They were more surprised and upset than me. They asked me to talk to someone for them. I promised them I would. Is that guy from around here? I mean, it's tradition, I've been here ten years. No electives on Sunday. I told him that. I think he got the message.

Admin: Well, somewhat. He's military. Moved around a lot. Let me know if that happens again. I'll have head of anesthesia talk to him.

Me: Thanks, I'll let you know.

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