Monday, March 6, 2017

Giant Colon

"You've got to go see the colon. It's on tour, and it's hitting Conway this week. I'm busy - you go with Dr. Woods and Dr. NWA."

Conway is my place - I went to college there. I planned a trip with Stoby's cheese dip on the agenda. After all, I was super pregnant with C, I deserved it.

Me and Dr. Woods to my right (he looks so young!) and Dr. NWA to my left. The colon is behind us.

Dr. Woods, kind of sideways, inside the colon next to the internal hemorrhoids. Despite my preggo state, I crawled through the colon too.

I asked this tubular adenoma of the colon - mildly dysplastic polyp, to take a pic with me in the bathroom. Made me feel good. I'm pregnant, but she's way bigger than me.

Me and Dr. NWA with a Fleet's enema. My daughter turns 14 on Friday, so this is 15 years ago. As the old adage goes, time flies.

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