Friday, March 24, 2017


8:00 a.m.

Admin: Good morning! Dr. . . . how do you pronounce your new name?

Me: Dr. Sang, like I sang a song. I get Dr. Sing a lot though. Seng is German, if you can believe it, they dropped either the E or the UE at the end when they emigrated. Kind of like Nestrud had a dropped E. I guess the process of emigration was so chaotic a lot of last names got botched. This one is a little confusing, but it's definitely the easiest last name I've ever had.

Amin: I hope you don't have to work this weekend?

Me: Finishing two weeks in a row of call. Actually looking forward to Monday. It's been crazy quiet for Spring Break though, knock on wood.

Admin: That's a long time! I have admin call this weekend too.

Me: I didn't know admin's had call! What do you do?

Admin: We give a presence at the Little Rock and North Little Rock hospitals. Do rounds.

Me: Interesting. I guess you put out fires?

Admin: Yes. I'm headed to an emergency meeting now to do just that. You will probably read about it in the papers. Our head of pastoral care was arrested last night for soliciting prostitutes in Southwest Little Rock. We need to do a press release.

Me: (LOL) That's quite a fire!! Good luck with that.

I googled it when I got to my office and sure enough Fox News had already reported it. The mask of religion so often hides desires of the flesh - luckily I don't know that guy so I can find the humor.

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