Thursday, February 23, 2017


No, it doesn't stand for sadomasochist disorder, or even suck my dick, as Urban Dictionary purports.

At least not in this context.

Style MD. It has over 6,000 doc mom members on Facebook, although only a few hundred regularly participate. I'm mostly a voyeur, but try to post a selfie every other month, just to stay relevant. Selfies are hard, and my daughter has seen mine in the cloud somehow, and is highly critical. "Mom, you need to smile. Don't do that weird smirk thing." Well, that's what all my friends do, at my age, so she needs to accept that.

See, the arms are awkward. But it's a work in progress.

SMD has a Queen, her name is Sasha. She posts motivational messages on a daily basis. She's uber positive, crazy smart, and an amazing mom. She speaks all over the country about doctoring and empowering women. She's hosting the first ever SMD conference in her home state of Nebraska this fall, and I've already booked a hotel room. Convinced a good friend from residency to do the same. The final line up isn't announced yet, but there will be continuing medical education (CME) and yoga sessions and cocktail hours and pajama parties and pedicures. I can't think of a better way to spend my CME money. Sasha seems poised on the brink of stardom, at least in the doc mom world. Despite her white blond roots, she's very inclusive. Our cover photo is dark haired women from all nationalities. She's not on it. Beautiful and humble.

She's a curvy cornhusker beauty. She leaks these professional pics tantalizingly, teasing us of announcements to come. Her followers ask, A blog? A book? What are you planning? We wait in suspense.

She often posts from her gym early in the morning, after she has done her weights and cardio and is dressed for the day to come. Today she posted a pic of herself in a black tank top and leggings. She lamented forgetting her blazer and top, she was spending all day in a conference with admin. "I cannot wear this in front of the dean. What am I going to do?"

Many suggestions poured in:

Do you have a friend the same size you can call on?
White coat, it's so forgiving! No one will know you have a tank on underneath.
Blarf at the hospital gift shop?
Can your husband bail you out? Mine's a SAHD (Stay at Home Dad) - he always saves me.

Me: You look like Linda Hamilton in The Terminator - screw the white coat admin requires shades and a gun.

My pulmonologist friend from Philly: This will probably go down just fine where you live.

Me: That's how we regulate admin in AR baby

Philly: UAMS was so mild mannered compared to your place.

Me: You should see the Glock our business manager packs for insurance reimbursement negotiations. We know how to keep these guys in line. We aren't Pathology Labs of Arkansas we are Pathology Renegades of Arkansas (PRA). They are gonna pray when they see us coming.

Sasha: This is my fav EVER!

I think she liked being compared to the Terminator chick. We are all one pair of sunglasses and a gun away from being the Terminator chick these days. Medicine, like politics, is a battleground. It wears you down, but it's definitely worth fighting for. 

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