Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Interventional Radiology

9 a.m. I sit down at the scope, flanked by the radiologist, and my wingman cytotech.

Me: So what am I looking at.

Rad: Indiscrete mass in the lung. Maybe pneumonia. Why are you so dressed up.

Me: I've got a meeting at the school today, C's advisor. And tonight I'm going to a breast molecular update. Breast surgeon hosts these one or two times a year, usually at good restaurants. We get free food, and learn about the latest prognostic information. It's path, rad/onc, and onc.

Cytotech: I've never been invited.

Rad: Me neither. But I'm not a breast man.

Me: Really? You aren't a breast man?

Cytotech: He must be an Ass Man.

Rad: That's actually what is on my license plate. Ass Man.

Me: I was asking cause I was wondering. What man isn't a breast man.

Rad: It's not that I don't like breasts. It's just that it's a hobby, it's not my day job.

Me: I see macrophages. No big inflammation, no malignancy. Good news for the patient. It always feels good to hand out good news. No news is good news, right?

Rad: Sounds good to me. I'll get cultures. We've got a couple more cases for you after lunch.

Me: Good - bronch lab has two cases, but they should be done before lunch. See you later.

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