Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tumor Board

Oncologist: I have this guy. He had Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma in his spine. I treated it with CHOP. Now he has back pain. I called the insurance company, to get a PET. They said no. I told them emphatically that it was the standard of care. There was no beating around the bushes. They said, "We will not pay for that."

Thoracic surgeon: At least they were honest. They told you right away, instead of giving you a fifteen minute song and dance saying the same thing but all the while wasting the hell out of your time.

Oncologist: But still, where does that leave us? Luckily this is a man of means. We are working hard to find the least expensive pay out of pocket PET scan. We shouldn't be reduced to doing this. Any advice?

The silence was palpable. No wonder physician suicide rate is higher now than any other profession. I feel guilty - I get to hide behind my scope. I'm only accountable to the clinicians who hang on my diagnoses. They have to face the patients. And the patients, if not already screwed, are about to be royally fucked.

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