Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Someone knocked on my office door at 2:15 this afternoon, and popped in.

Me: Oh, hi! Ramona! Come in. Hang on, let me get off the phone, and down from this chair.

I was talking on speaker phone to my financial advisor. "I have to go - can I call you back? It's someone I don't see very often."

Ramona: What were you doing on that chair?

Me: Dusting. It's terrible. I have to do this once a month. It covers my office like radiation fallout.

Ramona: Doesn't someone do that for you?

Me: Hell, no. But I don't mind. I don't do it at home. I've got lots of dusters, see? Look at my mitts. I even scrub my floor with clorox wipes by hand occasionally. There were some guys in my office this morning on a ladder for an hour working on the thermostat problem. My office is fine, but histology head next door is freezing. So there is lots of extra dust. Look at those giant dust bunnies under the chair. I need to get those. You should see what it is like when I come back from a week of vacation. Entire dust tumbleweeds, crowding my small space. Please sit down.

Ramona: No, I don't want to intrude. I just want to give you something.

Me: It's no intrusion. This morning was batshit crazy, but this afternoon is dead. Seems to be a theme this week. I wonder if there is anyone in the hospital, it's so quiet. Very unusual. What is that?

Ramona: It's a pussyhat, for your Washington march.

Me: Oh! I've read about those. They were saying in the Arkansas Times that all the stores have yarn shortages. Thank you so much!

Ramona: I actually hate the cut, and I hate the name for the hat. I won't be wearing one in the Arkansas march, but I made three for you and your friends.

Me: I agree with you - bad name and cheesy look. But it will fit with my plan. Are you familiar with Luke Cage?

Ramona: No.

Me: He's a superhero, Marvel character. I'm currently addicted to the series - it's on Netflix if you want to check it out. He wears a black hoodie. I went on the Women's March on Washington official merchandise site and bought a black hoodie. It shipped today. I plan to be the Luke Cage of the Women's March. It will be pretty cold up there I imagine, this will work well under the black hoodie. Let's chat awhile. I've got no cases. You can watch me dust.

I guess when you put it on, the corners stay raised like a cat. I haven't tried it on in front of a mirror yet. Ramona knits like a woman on fire, and my house is loaded with her talent, less than 1% of her entire inventory.

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