Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Office

During November, one of my friends from Sunday School volunteered to take over. Her subject was thankfulness, and each week we were tasked by e-mail. One week she told us to think about our favorite space, and we would discuss in a roundtable discussion.

For some, it was their bed at the end of the night. For one, it was the farm she grew up on. Two people talked about their shower. Mine was my office.

I was met with an incredulous gasp by the leader. "My office is my crazy space. How could it be your office?"

"Well, of course I love the ocean, but I'm not there much. My office is a safe, quiet space. It's where I do the work I trained to do to the best of my abilities, and I think I do a pretty good job. It's got lots of memories - I've been there ten years. Kid art. Bulletin boards with play tickets and pictures and prostate cancer guidelines. It's small, but I love being there."

This week has taxed me a little. On Tuesday, it was 80 degrees and stuffy. Three calls to maintenance only yielded a brief thirty minutes of air. It was so bad that I locked my door and took my shirt off to eat my soup at lunch. I drank so many bottles of cold water that day I was in the bathroom every 45 minutes. A maintenance guy who takes care of me came by at the end of the day. "They said it was fixed! This is miserable. I'll make sure you are ok by tomorrow." I usually open the door in order to let hallway air in, but the high traffic won't end until January 6th so it's too loud and uncomfortable. I had on boots and jeans and flannel and even a ponytail gave me little relief. It wasn't just me, the blood bank director and I next door joked about wearing bathing suits to work the next day.

When I came in this morning it was 64 degrees. I had dressed for warm weather so I was miserably cold. My next door neighbor, the head of histology, shares my airstream. "Can we please call maintenance? I'm tough, but not this tough."

So we asked the transcriptionist to put in yet another work order. In the meantime, I decided to go to the gift shop to buy some heavy socks or slippers. The blood bank director, who was still sweating under 80 degrees next door, brought me a flannel blanket.

On the way back from the gift shop - I had picked out some sparkly red slippers that reminded me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I saw an admin who used to be an OB. He delivered Jack. He was talking to another admin I recognized but had never met. I approached them. "Let me tell you a funny story!" And showed them the slippers.

I introduced myself to Max, and he walked with me to my office. "This is ridiculous. I'm going to call the head of HVAC immediately. They said yeah, why are they complaining, they were hot yesterday. "Well, I'm in her office right now, and you could hang meat in here. Let's find a happy medium."

And they did. It pays to know brass. It took two hours, but the temp eventually went from 64 to 70. In the meantime, I tried on my slippers, and quickly went from Dorothy to an ugly stepsister. I hadn't checked the shoe size, assumed one fit all, but I'm a nine and this was a six or seven. I gave them away to the secretary with the smallest foot. "If they don't fit you, just give them away."

Kid art wall. This is the back of my door.

Shelf. More kid art and pics and journals.

Ever filled candy dish.

This is what Jon Slaven called your "me wall"

Blankets from techs today - much appreciated.

More shelves.

I'd show you my scope and computer but I think the pic I took has patient identifiers. 

This is my fave accessory. A rotating light illuminates the space art I got in Eureka Springs. The tiny purple pencil from stepmom makes it look like a space station. Jack won the star behind from one of those grab the stuffed animal with the hanging tongs things at the movie theater.

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