Saturday, January 14, 2017

Doc Mom Book Club

Oncologist's house, 2:30-5:00pm. I got the book pic, since I hosted the last one. A Man Called Ove. We were discussing how he stuck to his principles. Knew how to fix things. Breast radiologist raved about her grandparents, who grew up poor. They couldn't call an electrician or a plumber when something went wrong - so they figured out how to fix it. We were all getting worked up telling our stories.

Breast radiologist: And my son is going to learn how to drive a manual transmission! I've been looking for a car for two years, and finally bought one this week. Took peds to my right for a spin this week.

Peds: It was incredible.

Me: Ok, you've set the bar too high. No manual for me, I never even learned that.

Breast radiologist: I had very specific specifications. I wanted a manual, but also with heated seats and a back up mirror. I wanted a car made in America - that didn't exist two years ago. I test drove everything. The Subaru (something something) was nice but Car Talk says their (something) craps out at 40,000 miles. I didn't want that. I got a Ford Focus ST. Only 4,000 made.

Orthopedic Surgeon: OHH! What color? What horsepower?

The rest of us were watching in awe and amazement.

Breast rad: 350 horsepower. White.

Me: You are talking a language I don't speak.

My path partner: I'm pretty sure the Range Rover I bought my husband doesn't have that much horsepower.

Breast rad: My brothers turbo engines and build drones on the weekends. This is my lineage. Here, want to see a pic?

Orhopod: Look at those rims!!

Me: What are rims?

Breast rad: I got new tires since that pic. Ordered them on the internet, and my husband put them on last night. I don't have a pic with the new tires, but here is a pic of the tires I ordered.

Everyone: Oooh. Aaaah. Nice. Understated. Elegant.

Breast rad: So I was driving it yesterday, and a Subaru (something something - hell give me credit for memorizing the name of her car) pulled up next to me. He was looking over, I thought he was challenging me to a race. I'm like DUDE! No fair. I'm boxed in. No contest. Then I really looked, and he was giving me the sign.

She held up her hands with thumb and first finger in a circle, the last three fingers extending upwards. Universal sign, even underwater when scuba diving, for I'm ok. Or you are ok.

Breast rad: He knew how awesome my car was, and he approved! Y'ALL! I'm in the club!!!!

Orthopod (she has a two and a one year old. Irish twins. A tiny circle of hell. She's about ten years younger that the rest of us - from Chicago. Husband from the South Side - he's anesthesia. She regaled us with a hilarious story of a rented minivan and road trip to Chicago for Thanksgiving that ended with her flying back with the kids and her husband driving the minivan home alone. We all remembered those days): Can I tell you my recipe for lemon curd in a blender? It's divine. It's my grandmother's.

My path partner: You mean you don't use gelatin?

Orthopod: No, the butter does the trick. You don't need gelatin.

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