Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Morning Baseball

Not my term. Cid Vicious. I know nothing about sports. But I get it. This day was crazy.

Parking lot 7:45 a.m: Headed to bronch lab. You are on standby for CT.

In between needles I triaged 8 cancer cases.

Bronch lab: You've got it. It's malignant. (Go Cid. He's so refreshingly fast).

CT: I think it might be lymphoma. History doesn't fit - multiple liver lesions, but get flow. I'll tell CP call doc.

Bronch lab: More blood and B9 bronchs. Hopefully it will be in the cell block. Not on smears. (Sorry Cid).

CT: Lymph node? I guess maybe follicular lymphoma. That's what we usually see in the abdomen. But get flow. This isn't obvious high grade lymphoma. Flow will tell if it's clonal.

Rad: Did I tell you I was moving to Atlanta? Not until March. Marietta.

Me: What??!! You haven't been here that long. But good luck, I love Atlanta. Sis is a P.A. at children's hospital Scottish Right. Bro is a criminal defense lawyer. I've been there a lot. We will miss you, but you are going to a good place.

4:00 - There is this doc, on the phone. He wants to bring you fruit.

Me: I remember him. Cleared him on an autopsy a few years back. He talked to me about spirituality and Buddha for a half hour. Not ready for that today. Last batch of fruit was rotten. Take a message. I've had a day, and I'm done. I'm ready for the weekend.

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