Friday, October 7, 2016

Just Because

Public Service Announcement: Do not drop a Yeti cup on your big toe, unless you enjoy it being blue, purple, and yellow.

I weigh daily religiously. Lifelong habit. Somehow I stopped in May and didn't again until September. I GAINED 21 POUNDS!! Where did you put it? Asked my partner. I don't know! But my pants sure don't fit. Or the shorts I bought last Spring. How does anyone gain that much weight in one summer? I guess, as the old saying goes, fat and happy. But I'm not buying all new clothes so I'm determined to lose it. I'm down 7 lb. from my high point, but still not even halfway there. Dieting is hard! I researched macros and read Thinner Leaner Stronger but I just cannot pay that much attention to my food - weighing and all. So I got the Weight Watchers app and researched the points of all the foods so I could know how much carbs to skip in order to get in my nightly wine. I got into some shorts today - real ones not just the only pair of workout shorts I fit into. I'm so happy. And I think this Plexus thing I've been doing for two months will help eventually once I get past the detox and the constant feeling that I have fuzzy mold growing all around my mouth (Is that a side effect? I asked Kalina. Um, not one I heard of). On the plus side, that is an appetite suppressant.

Shirley Jackson's autobiographies are like reading a 1950's housewife version of David Sedaris. Yesterday I laughed so hard one one chapter of Life Among the Savages I almost cried.

I had four days off this week, planning to get a book chapter done I haven't started on even though I've known about it since March, and it's still not happened. Well, a little in my head. But I've got until Nov. 4 deadline. I'll be out of town then, so hoping to write it next weekend when I'm on call. I never really get creative unless I've got lots of pressure.

We adopted a new kitten. One of my Facebook friends had four black kittens show up under her house and posted them for adoption. She put ribbons around their neck - pink, purple, blue and green to id them. Thursday night we adopted Pink, and the name stuck. Cecelia wanted to call her Harambe or Baby Frances after Dirty Dancing but she was outnumbered. We did agree to put Babypink on the name tag to placate her, but she's really just Pink. Love that on Breast Cancer Awareness month, which I am especially aware of this month.  She's adorable!! I rescued Katybell as an adolescent so haven't had much experience with kittens. Jack and I spent all afternoon playing with her.

Here's to lazy weekends and kittens and homemade chocolate chip pumpkin muffins (I know it sounds terrible but they are addictive, at least the two bites of one I am allotted daily) and Jack's new friend playing air hockey and the piano downstairs tonight and my awesome Halloween decorations and my currents author addiction Shirley Jackson, who is about to gain my full attention.

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