Sunday, October 16, 2016

Infection Control

Head nurse #1: It's the food! It's a big problem. Not the patients, but the families. I walked into the SICU the other day and Subway everywhere! Hello people, would you eat out of a toilet? No! So don't eat in an intensive care setting.

Head nurse #2: I fielded a complaint the other day from a guy who said his wife got C.Diff. from our hospital. She wasn't even a patient here.

Head nurse #3: Was she visiting someone?

Head nurse#2: Yes, some in-law.

Head nurse #1: I'll bet she brought in Subway!! Not our fault.

Head nurse #4: It's a shift issue. One person will acquiesce, and the family will think they can bring in food all the time. We are very strict about it in the NICU.

Head nurse #1: It should't be just a nursing issue. They need to get the guest service representatives to help us reinforce the rules.

Head nurse #2: I also got a complaint from a guy who said his wife had to sleep on the bathroom floor. That's a choice, in my opinion.

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