Friday, October 21, 2016


Secretary: Dr. Shyder a woman called and wants you to look at her mom's case. She needs an expert.

Me: No, what? Are you sure? She probably wants her mom's case to be sent out to be reviewed by an expert. Did you get her mom's name? A case number? How do I look her up?

Secretary: No. She was talking so fast. I only got a number.

Secretary #2: I'll call the number and try to get more information for you.

Me: Thanks. Weird. No rush on that.

Later in the afternoon.

Secretary #2: Dr. Shyder you're not going to believe this. She's from another state. Her mom's death was ruled a suicide. She googled and found you as the expert. She wants you to review the case because she believes it was a homicide.

Me: ?? Give me a little bit of time to figure this out.

Post in PMG pathology. Get lots of advice. Most pertinent:

I'm Priya Banerjee. Please refer her to me. I'll evaluate the case, and even if she doesn't like my assessment I'll be objective.

Me: Secretary #2 will you please call her back and tell her I'm not an expert in forensic pathology but this doc is and she can call her for a second opinion?

Glad to know there is someone out there I can use if I ever have trouble with a death and need an independent evaluation.

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