Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Enterobius Vermicularis

Secretary: You have a call from OB.

OB: Can I talk to you about this case? What I saw?

Me: Oh yeah, there's some foreign material in your cervical biopsy. I was wondering if it was plant? I mean weird, never seen that, but I've heard of people sticking veggies up there?

OB: No this was a white spot on the cervix. It was wriggling around. Freaked me out. I've been consulting and googling all week. Could it be pinworm?

Me: Oh. Not sure. Only seen that once in appendix in residency. I'll pull the case and google image. Can I text you?

OB: Please. If it is pinworm, I need to treat her.

Me: Help consult. Weird story. (I relayed as he looked at slide - told him I was thinking carrot maybe?).

Dr. Music: I agree. I would have thought plant too. But yes, this is pinworm. I'm guessing why you are thinking of carrot. Personal experience, maybe?

Me: Hell no. I've heard of it but . . . not that I will ever convince you.

Dr. Music: I hesitate to say this but. With the carrot. Are you ever thinking, What's up doc?

Me: Post to PMG pathology. Get smart path girls take.

Much ewww and vomiting emojis.

NB: Love this! We see pinworm in vaginas all the time in peds path.

Me: Yes I can see that from poor wiping hygiene, but adults? Never.

Path girl#1: Anal to vaginal intercourse maybe?

Me: I guess, double dipping?

Path girl#2: They come out at night and party in the perineum. The drunk ones accidentally return through the wrong hole.

Path girl #3: I was a med student in Miami. Labor and delivery. Tons of pinworms coming out during delivery.

Me: NO! My moving parasites memories consist of only maggots on BKA! If I knew that knowledge would have resulted from this post I would have refrained.

Enterobius Vermicularis. If you google image Pinworm, it fits. I wonder if the cervix is as itchy as the anus purportedly is. Scotch tape test might be a little harder to do way up there.

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Liana said...

This reminds me of my first few lab sessions at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Student: Ooohhh!!! Is this a worm?
Lab instructor: Nope, it's a bean fragment.

Another student: This is a worm, right?
Lab instructor: No, another bean fragment.

Moral of the story: don't eat beans before you give a sample for O&P...