Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tumor Board

The Nightingale: She's in a lot of pain. She has pancreatic cancer. She was crying in my office.

The Bear: We can help. Celiac plexus nerve block. For those of you who don't know, let me show you. Here's the origin of the SMA. Here's where the celiac artery takes off. See this? It's the celiac plexus. They wanted us to pay $500 for 100cc of absolute alcohol. We only need 10cc. So we are looking elsewhere. That's a ridiculous amount of money.

Robbins: It's absolute alcohol. It's like Napalm. Destroys.

The Nightingale: So how long does it last?

The Bear: Forever. It kills.

Greenie: Does it work for pancreatitis?

The Bear: Not so much. We try, but results aren't good. For cancer though, it works well.

Greenie: What is it?

The Bear: Absolute alcohol. A panacea. We inject right here. Bilateral. No more pain.

Swagger and Sagacity: Can I get some of that?

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