Thursday, August 25, 2016


Is my favorite color. I know, I'm not alone.

I was signing out an oligodendroglioma today - I don't do that very often. So I had to consult the books. Peter Burger is by far my fave in this arena. He reminded me of why today.

Microscopic features: Like pornography, in the observation by Supreme Court Justice Stewart, the oligodendroglioma is easy to recognize but may be difficult to define. Although there are objective histologic features that aid in recognition, only one or two may be found in a given microsection.

We had all the features of WHO Grade III. Nuclear atypia, hypercellularity, and rare mitoses.

Isn't it beautiful? Fried egg nuclei. Arcuate capillaries. This isn't my case, I stole it off of the internet. Sent off for characteristic LOH (loss of heterozygosity) for 1p and 19q. Will be surprised if it isn't positive.

ICD-10 is going to be the death of me.

Tumor Board this morning was only remarkable for its obscure chemo meds and stellar radiology shots. But no worries, tomorrow The Nightingale is having a tumor board party at her home on Edgehill. I cannot wait. Book club follows. Did anyone else cry as hard as I did? Dunno (ha accidentally typed Cujo). Emotion is so individual.

I read an article about Halsey a year or so ago but just started listening to BADLANDS this summer. Wow. Love it all, but Colors is by far my favorite.

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