Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Girl's Night Out

Girl 1: We need to plan a trip to Eureka before your wedding this fall. A bachelorette? There's a great lingerie shop up there. Not like Dillard's - a true sex shop with lots of other fun things to look at.

Girl 2: We went there together not too long ago - it was great. We shared a couple of bottles of wine over lunch, left the kids in the magic shop nearby. I was a little nervous, but she just plowed right in. I heard an oof from the dressing room and queried in alarm, but she said the shop girl was just tightening her corset. We ended up getting outfits that kind of matched.

Girl 3: Y'all were in a different kind of magic shop.

Girl 2: Oh, and I also tried the tightening cream.

Girl 1: I wasn't really into trying the tightening cream.

Girl 4: What? There is a tightening cream? I thought only surgery could do that!

Girl 2: Yes. It really works, it's amazing. You apply it by rubbing the cream on the inside, and by the time you are done with that part you are already halfway there ;)

Girl 4: So how does it come? Like in a toothpaste tube? I've never heard of it.

Girl 2: You find it in the corner of the store. It comes in a fuck's worth.

Girl 4: What did you say?

Girl 2: A fuck's worth.

Girl 4: That is the denomination? So I guess you want to buy more than one.

Girl 5: Does it work on the guy too?


Christy said...

What a memorable night for us all! Looking forward to Eureka already!!!!!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

So you can figure out how to comment on a blog but not get on Facebook??!! I can't wait.