Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cid Vicious

That's my nickname for him.

He's an excellent pulmonologist, and technician. A rare and deadly combo; unprecedented for me. So good for the patient.

"Why can't I get tissue? These mediastinal nodes are huge."

"I have a theory. It's the necrosis. It's gumming up your needle. Just get a good cell block, we will get the diagnosis. Wait. Your stat case? I am worried about the patient. Is the airway compromise an issue?"

"No. No. Don't worry. Different patient. This one is fine. Totally different patient. Probably benign. He's fine too. His airway compromise is chronic. Old big bad goiter. It's ok."

So why the hell is it stat. Sigh.

"I think it's malignant, but I need the cell block. May need stains. Can you be patient?"

"He's ok. Don't worry. Thanks for your help here."

"Don't forget to get cultures. Mostly blood, but I think I see a granuloma. Are you done with me? I need to get to my cases."

"Go. I'm just going to get fluid from the pleura. I don't need you anymore."

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