Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

Peds mom, tentatively: Hello?

Me: I am so glad you answered the phone. Gizabeth here.

Peds mom: Oh! I didn't know who it was. Somehow my kids managed to erase all of the contacts on my phone.

Me: Oh no. That's awful. I'm here shopping with Cecelia for dress shoes and was wondering if I get navy or black flats or either. The thought of trying to find the dress uniform code on my phone was giving me a pre-anxiety attack.

Peds mom, laughing: Only black allowed. No navy.

Me: Any other restrictions? Bows? texture?

Peds mom: No just black.

Me: Whew thanks. We are here in the store and I know they have school pics Wednesday so it's crunch time. We stupidly got pedicures next door right before shoe shopping she's trying on gingerly but it's working.

Peds mom: Glad I could help.

Me: Now you can plug me back into your contacts. Good luck with all the others. I'll let you get back to your Sunday afternoon.

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