Thursday, August 7, 2014


If one more person calls to remind me about my massage/dentist/daughter's orthodontist etc. appointment and leaves me a message to take time out of my busy day to call them back to confirm an appointment that I've already made and is sitting in front of me on my desk calendar (cause I see your number I know it now I've got you memorized and I don't answer anymore), especially after I have signed up for the text messaging reminder option at least three times - on text message and in person and on the phone - in order to avoid blowing up at random desk assistants in fits of barely suppressed passive aggressive anger, I think I am going to explode.

I recently made an executive decision to completely ignore these phone calls and their plea for engagement. What the hell are they going to do give away an appointment on 24 hours notice?

Oh and by the way don't robocall remind me at 3 am or send me an e-mail to click on a website and confirm an appointment either. I'm not listening or clicking anymore. 


OMDG said...

I stopped calling back too. They're not going to cancel you -- that would be way too risky.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

I am not a phone talker. I hardly ever even talk to my boyfriend on the phone we text. I have to answer calls and talk to docs at work that's it. When I find myself spending more time talking to random people about appointments than people I work with it really makes me angry. Who likes these phone calls? People who have no ablity to schedule things? Forget road rage I've got phone rage. No more though:)