Friday, August 8, 2014

Belly Button Lint

Not that I've ever had any.

Work today was so freaking crazy it felt like a full moon. It started off smooth but the Gods were conspiring against me and I'm too tired to blog about it tonight. One article I read at NYTimes over lunch today helped me laugh through the madness. Something David Brooks wrote (I either like or hate his articles) about introspection vs. narcissism. He says something to the effect of when you can view your life from a distance as a landscape rather than getting embroiled and angry in the moment it helps. So today was just a blip in the arc of the Universe.

I just talked to my kids for an hour I miss them so much it's been almost two weeks with camp then their trip to Florida with dad and stepmom. I can't wait to see them but we will be in a flurry of preparation for school Wednesday. I've got a 6th grader and a 3rd grader. Bizarre and wonderful.

Full work day tomorrow but no early OR to cover so I'm going to sleep in a bit.

After work I ran to the grocery store my cart included: three six packs of diet Snapple, 20 Vitamin Waters, cat food, and toilet paper. The essentials of life.

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is when people make a mistake and try to blame you for it and, insult to injury, suggest you pay for it. So goes the way of fixing up new houses. Stand firm with support. It works.

When my cat is in a really playful mood and I'm exhausted she likes to sneak bite my toes - not too hard but surprising. She also lays in the middle of the kitchen floor or circles my legs, effectively making me trip, while I am trying to make a soothing plate of nachos. I don't get out the squirt bottle of water often, but tonight I did. Luckily she is chilled out sleeping by my feet now.

I'll leave you with one of my faves from The Art Institute in Chicago back in May. I've got a treasure trove of pics that was a crazy manic day of discovery.

Caption: The Gambler. Richard Lindner American born Germany 1901-1978 Assemblage

It's heat lightning tonight in Arkansas it's gorgeous. Hope the storm that was supposed to come last night comes tonight I'm ready for a break in the humidity.

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