Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Big Time Doctor

Conversation between me and the kids in the car. I was driving (duh), Jack was in the front seat playing his ipad game, Cecelia was in the back seat.

Jack: Mom, why can't we spend the night at your house?

Me: It's Daddy and Miss Rachel's week. I just got you for quick dinner, walk through new house before closing, and ordering camp trunks. I've got to go home and prepare for Breast Conference. It's early in the morning - 7:00 - I would have to get you up super early anyway so I could get there on time. You like to sleep in in the summer.  I'll see you Friday to pack for our vacation.

Jack: Mommy, you know how flying pigs are good look.

Me(?): No, I'm not sure what that means. Is that a part of your game you are playing? Do they have good looking flying pigs?

Cecelia: No mom, good LUCK.

Me: Oh! I didn't know flying pigs were good luck either. You'll have to explain that to me, but good luck makes more sense than good look.

Jack: Why do you have to present at a conference on rest? What is a Rest Conference?

Me: No, not rest, breast.

Jack: Oh. What is that conference about?

Me: Well, it runs about like any other doctor conference, sort of. It's me and lots of docs and nurses. The surgeons present the history of the patient, and the problem. Usually it's a breast tumor like cancer. Then the radiologist shows the pictures on a light box - kind of like X-rays. Not a picture of the patient, but of the problem in the breast. We all gather around and take a close look. Then the surgeon talks about what they did during surgery, and then it's my turn. I show pictures we take of the slides, talking about the cancer. Pictures of the things I see in my microscope. Then the oncologists - that's the doctor that is in charge of treating the cancer, talks about how they are or plan to treat the patient. It's a learning thing for all of us. It's good to know what everyone is doing in these hard cases. It helps the patients.

Jack: So Mom, are you a Big Time Doctor?

Me, laughing: Well, yes Jack, I'm pretty big time. I solve puzzles all day long. The puzzles I solve are the key to getting the patient good treatment. It's pretty fun. But sometimes the doctors call all day long wanting to know the answers for their patients. I feel popular, which is kind of cool, and I don't tell them this, but it's frustrating when I have so much work to do. But I really enjoy talking to them because I usually learn things that help me be a better doctor. They are only calling because they care big time about their patients.

Jack: These flying pigs are really good luck.

I love this album. It came out in 1987 - but I didn't discover it until 1990. Made it to Lollapalooza twice in Dallas to see them live during college. The first was probably it's inaugural year. The second time I went the Beastie Boys were there and it was raining hard but no one cared the mosh pits were muddy and intense and even though I was only brave enough to grace the outskirts of those pits I felt like I was at the Center of the Universe and time had no meaning outside the pulse of the music.

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