Thursday, June 12, 2014

Minced Words

I walked into my partner's office to ask a question. I have a lot of partners. This one happens to be beautiful and intelligent and has about 10 plus years experience on me.

Me: "How are you?"

Partner: "Ugh frustrated. This breast. It's chorio. I've got to figure it out."

Me in my head: Choriocarcinoma of the breast? That's a placental tumor. I've never heard of that. Shit, there's so much I've never heard of. I'm too embarrassed to tell her this.

Partner: "Luckily (other partner jazz extraordinaire megalomaniac slacker) has extensive notes on it. I'm going to go get them."

Me in my head: He has extensive notes on this heretofore unknown to me entity? Him? Really? I've got to get them for myself in case I ever run across this thing. I need to research and read about it.

Me out loud: "I've never heard of choriocarcinoma of the breast. Can I get a copy of those notes?"

Partner, laughing loudly: "No Giz, Coreo, not chorio. The new machine for ER (estrogen receptor), PR (progesterone receptor), Her2. For breast cancer."

Ah, the indicators we routinely evaluate on all breast cancers for treatment and prognostic purposes. I haven't had to use that new machine yet. It's been in the works for a while, I've trained on it, but it was a couple of months ago before the validation studies were completed. The old one is obsolete and no longer has tech support, which is the reason for the change. I'll probably have to dive in head first next week when I'm on surgicals. I didn't know it was called Coreo.

I laughed so hard I doubled over. She was in stiches. I'm a little relieved that she didn't have a choriocarcinoma of the breast.

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