Monday, June 30, 2014

Katie Johnson - Pass You By

I promised an album review a month this summer and it's time for June's. Once a couple of years ago my kids and I went to a preliminary round in my partner's Great Arkansas Talent Search. He quadruples as a talent scout, jazz pianist, and recording studio co-owner. This round was in a charming old brick church in Argenta - a progressive part of downtown North Little Rock. There was a lot of great talent, but I remember loving Katie the most. I don't remember who went on to the next round that night (I think she was one of them), but in my mind she was the runaway winner.

The next day I wandered in his office all excited despite the kids having late bedtimes and me dragging a little. He asked who I liked best. "That girl that wore (describe describe) and she sang (that song) was so awesome! Who is she?"

"Oh that's Katie Johnson. Yes, she's amazing. She's a sweetheart too."

I can't believe that was almost two years ago. Now she has her own album out and I've been listening to it a lot this past week. She wrote all of the songs, and she does all the vocals, and she also plays acoustic guitar. So the album is practically all her.* Her bluesy voice penetrates your soul and the intelligent lyrics blow my mind. The album is perfect for a rainy Sunday morning with your kids or background music for a glass of wine with your significant other. I particularly like it for belting out the songs at the top of my lungs in my car. It's really timeless.

My favorite songs are "All I've Ever Known" and "I'm Sorry." But they are all incredible. Check out her video of "Inside" that just went up on YouTube last week. You will see that she is also stunningly beautiful - obviously from her talent both on the inside and out.

You can buy the album on itunes. Don't be jealous - I'm Facebook friends with her! I cannot wait to friend her fan page that my partner told me about so I can follow her performances. Cecelia is going to fall in love. I cannot think of a better musical idol for my daughter. 

*Gotta give credit to the other guys on the instruments and the amazing guys who created Infrared Records. Check out all their stuff they have quite a variety. Stay tuned for July's review. 


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