Monday, June 23, 2014

Frozen Caveman

An e-mail conversation this morning while I was working on cases. It's between me and my new banker for my house loan on my new house.


Me: I'm a little more flexible about leaving work this week. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday are best.


Me: Your all caps are cracking me up. 10-1 ish works best for me. Tell me what time and how long so I can get coverage - I'm doing boutique surg. pavilion frozens not a big deal to cover since frozens are rare.

Banker: Sorry ... Horrible typer...or is that typist?????? Prob take 45 min to hour...wanna say 10:30

Me: It's never a bad thing to get a laugh from a faceless banker shouting at you. I've got you down at 10:30. See you there. Where?

Banker: 10-4 (directions directions directions). I will need an explanation on the sentence below? Sounds like you are operating on frozen cavemen in a mall

I'm doing boutique surg. pavilion frozens not a big deal to cover since frozens are rare

Me: Great that should be an easy interstate hop thank you! LOL at Surgical Pavilion they do mostly derm, breast enhancing, breast reduction (there is an equal very high number of women getting bigger and smaller breasts daily it is shocking), other plastic surgery. They rarely require a pathologist to freeze tissue and tell them right away what something is so they can do something different (like in cancer surgeries in the main OR). So there are days I don't have to go over there at all. Easy thing to cover. I wish I was operating on frozen cavemen in a mall way cooler. Literally and figuratively. Have a great day:)

Banker: Ha....See ya WED

This is the first time I haven't completely dreaded working with a banker on a house loan (and this will be my seventh house purchase as an adult, but only second on my own). The dread is there, but it's diminished.


Liana said...

:) I love how non-medical folks can remind us of what medical terminology actually sounds like. Like my friend who kept wondering: "Who is this Billy Reuben character and what does he have to do with my baby?"

Gizabeth Shyder said...

You have gone over my head. I'll have to google that.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

I told my banker about my blog. He wanted credit. He is one of the good bankers. Just like I am one of the good doctors. No matter what the media says.

Lee Maris - Senior Vice President and Bank of Little Rock Mortgage. In case you are looking for a house loan. He has pics of his wife and kids all over his office. This is a positive sign, in my experience. Not to mention his sense of humor and efficiency in getting me out the door and back to work.