Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dr. NastyRude

My real last name is Nestrud. It's weird. There aren't many of us. My ancestors came over from Canada/Norway (Nestrud is Norwegian) and dropped the "E" at the end, because they thought it sounded more "American."

No one in America has that name, with the exception of the people close to me that I love. My family.

I try to get people at work to call me Dr. Elizabeth. It's a hell of a lot easier than my last name.

I have grown up telling people how to pronounce it. "I live in a nest and I'm rude." They laugh, because I project myself as quite kind.

Various mispronunciations over the years have irked me.


"Nesturd." - This one is common and very annoying.

I had a nanny for the kids a couple of summers ago. She was short-lived - had medical issues - but wonderful. She called me Dr. NastyRude.

I loved it.

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